Mount Fair Farm

Mount Fair’s stoic main residence sits atop a hill overlooking blue mountains, thick forests, and

ever-changing gardens. She’s witnessed over one-hundred Christmases- each unique and

forever intertwined in her history. We can only imagine what sights she’s seen. Surely greenery

from the farm wrapped banisters and rested on mantels while oranges spiked with cloves sat in

silver bowls. To capture the magic of Christmases past, we let Mount Fair’s home and the farm’s

natural gifts of evergreens, berries and dried flowers take us back in time and celebrate a

holiday steeped in tradition.

This Christmas, cedar, arborvitae, boxwood, magnolia and white pine dressed all the mantels

and banisters. Adding a bit of sparkle, hydrangeas and magnolia leaves were painted gold and

white lights weaved through the greens. A fresh, magnolia wreath graced the front hall’s antique

door and the dining room’s lovely blue wallpaper inspired the berry-covered Virginia cedar

wreath. Bulbs of paperwhites and amaryllis were forced in the greenhouse and became living

gardens around the home. Their lovely fragrance permeated the rooms and perhaps added a

new tradition of our own to Mount Fair’s history.

It seemed as soon as the decorations went up, it was time to take them down. It was also time

to say goodbye to 2017. It’s only January, but with the recent blasts of cold air in Virginia, our

eyes are set on warm spring breezes.



Mount Fair Farm is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just a few minutes’ drive from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page for more information and

4585 Slam Gate Road, Crozet, Virginia 22932

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