Mount Fair Farm


Our farming is relatively small in scale and is designed in keeping with our principles for sustainable land use and to enhance the beauty and economic viability of the property.

Our 40 acres of hayfields are farmed by local cattlemen who, kindly, share their harvest with our horses. We strive to minimize the use of fertilizers by harvesting only one time during the spring growing season and periodically clipping thereafter to utilize the decayed plant material to restore nutrients.


We think of our honeybees as our “canaries in the coal mine”. A core element of our mission is to maintain Mount Fair in a way that provides our honeybees with a healthy habitat. A thriving agricultural operation relies on plentiful and healthy pollinators and we strive to maintain the most welcoming ecosystem possible.


Although relatively small in scale, our 2-3 acres of peach and apple trees provide plentiful peaches in late June and apples from August until October.


Taking advantage of the rich soil of the Piedmont region, our raised gardens return an abundance of crops every year. From lettuce, cabbage and broccoli to English Peas – a favorite of Thomas Jefferson – the gardens at Mount Fair Farm feature an assortment of native plants and vegetables.

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